We have completed over 400 real estate transactions with a value of over $200,000,000 in the past five years alone. 


Investment Strategy

KM Real Estate Capital Invests in Underutilized Assets in the best Urban locations Nationwide.  Recently, we have ventured off into the Hospitality sector of the industry as we see that this is an ever-growing industry.  Now that we have our foot in the door with numerous Hospitality Users as well as groups, KMRE Capital has sourced over 50 value-add opportunities Nationwide and we choose very strategically which Markets to Invest and Develop with our business affiliates in.  

We pride ourselves in "picking up the phone" and calling the one hotel that shouldn't be there, acquire and/or broker the transaction, and add value to utilize the site its highest and best use.  

Brokerage Services


We incorporate national real estate knowledge to successfully complete any type of real estate transaction. Headquartered in Chicago, we provide services and execute real estate transactions nationwide for every type of real estate asset. We specializes in urban retail leasing as well as acquiring underutilized vacant properties in the best neighborhoods, primarily in Chicago. Our high quality tenants are not only well capitalized and expanding but also trustworthy.    

Within the past four years, we have completed over 400 real estate transactions and over $150M in commercial real estate acquisitions and dispositions on the buyer and seller representative side.

Financing & Capital Funding Services

We provide a full range of real estate financial services, including, but not limited to:  

  • Private equity sourcing & funding 

  • Senior and subordinate financing

  • Multiple Refinancing tools & options to work with
  • Joint venture and programmatic venture equity
  • Loan advisory services

We relay on precise market data, sophisticated financial analysis, and a broad network of high-level investor and lender relationships to achieve our clients goals. Our team has expertise in capital lending, financing, advisory services, real estate acquisitions or developing sites to fit a tenant's needs.

We represent a broad array of domestic clients including entrepreneurs, public enterprises, national construction lenders and long-term fixed rate lenders. The transactions range from single-tenant, multi-store roll outs, office, retail, restaurant and medical building sale-leasebacks. We have brokered, developed, financed, acquired and developed over 600 transactions including urban retail, numerous multi-unit retail and restaurant concepts.

Franchise Referral Services

We work with a number of qualified corporate restaurant and retail groups that are always searching for suitable franchisees. 

If you are interested in Franchising with one of our numerous Tenants we work with, please email: franchise@kmrecapital.com